Art Credits L-R: After Nusch Eluard by Joan Pope ~ Father of Truth by Joan Pope
(Temple Ov Saturn ~ SexDeathRebirth)
Used with permission(s) granted. All rights reserved

All that I know of War and Peace, Nature and Progress of Man, yea, Life and Death comes from The Pendulum Swings of Energies. History, The Arts have recorded these wild swings for posterity.

I know of no one except the dim that would argue against the Female-Male Energies animating The Pendulum; having occurred just when the particular energies were needed most (The Universe). The difficulty is there are those that inhibit the swing back from one extreme or the other when their requirement for a task has reached its conclusion. This applies to the individual as much as it does the collective. It is not a difficult task of philosophy, reason, intellectualism to understand the ramifications of negating the pendulum swing to a more moderate one, oscillating back and forth between the female-male energies. As a matter of record, every person has aspects of both energies, to deny this is to force yourself to live in singularity, The Tarot and Astrology highlight this and at the same time warn us when our aspects have swung too far, too long, becoming stuck in one extreme or the other and tell us of the ramifications.

Yes, life, outside forces foisted upon us do require the pendulum to swing to one extreme or the other at exact moments/occurrences, delineated duration’s however, never forget to moderate the swing, reclaim your energies, Sovereignty of Being, Self~Mastery and stop pissing them away so cheaply, so readily.

Moderation of Your Pendulum (F-M Energy) Swings is key.


We would like to thank Joan Pope/Temple Ov Saturn for the permissions to use the art work.

To explore the Outstanding Creatives of Joan Pope (Artist, Video Editor, Musician) Visit:






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